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Clare McBride was born in Northern Ireland, the oldest of three girls, to a farming couple. When Clare was nine, the family immigrated to Canada where Clare and her sisters spent the rest of their childhood on a Prairie grain farm. During middle school Clare began working in the Agricultural Industry. She completed her Agribusiness Diploma in 2009 and has since worked in the agronomy, agricultural retail, production insurance and management sectors of the industry. Clare continues working in Agriculture and writes as a hobby.

In late 2018 Clare wrote Pearl Loves Her Name and decided she would like to publish it. Her daughters Oksana (6) and Quinn (4) were excited at the prospect of having a book written by their mother adorning their bedroom shelves, until tragedy struck when Oksana and Quinn were killed in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. Publishing Pearl Loves Her Name was put on hold after the crash until mid-2020 when Clare decided to continue with the production of Pearl Loves Her Name in honour of Oksana and Quinn. Pearl Loves Her Name was officially published in December 2020.

Shortly after publishing Pearl Loves Her Name, Clare wrote another story, this time based on the life Oksana and Quinn in their small hometown community. Where I Come From was published in late 2021. In it, Oksana and Quinn guide the reader through life in the Parkland area of Manitoba as each season arrives.

Following the publication of Where I Come From, Doug Can & Doug Will was published in March 2022. It was written based on a silly dream Clare had one night and follows the themes of good friendship and facing adversity.

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